Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Standing on God's Promises.

F's packed and ready to come home..
Still no word on the final signature.

Lots of people praying hard and daily for us to move forward.

Eli's summer break time in Haiti started yesterday, he will be here just over one month before heading back for summer term in Germany.

F met with the man from the orphanage yesterday and asked him if he was working on getting the paperwork done so that he [F] could join his new family.

He then packed up his best shirt, underwear, a piece of sugar cane and some paperwork and brought them to his foster aunt. One paper reads “ God keeps his promises’!!!

He occasionally tells people that in two more days he will be with his mom and dad. So glad he's not discouraged with the wait, and a bit jealous that he can stay encouraged with 'two more days' while my mind counts..6 months, 10 months, one year, one year + 3 weeks....

We bought him some clothes, shoes, and a very cute soft monkey while in the USA last week.

Heard a family exited last week from IBESR so know that the folks that need to sign are signing some charts.

No idea why not our chart, but trusting in the Lord.

Starting to wonder and pray about our visa dead-line of November 21, 2016. If you go to the 'Steps' tab at the top of this page you'll see the many additional steps and paperwork needed to get our paperwork in by this time.

Know that God has a plan...a good plan but also know that the devil does not want good plans to succeed. Praying for the Lord's protection as well as for his grace and intercession.


  1. Oh, my. That breaks my heart. Praying him home!

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  3. I love his faithful little heart. ❤️ And I'm thankful God is allowing little F to feel His presence. Praying for you my lovely friend!