Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dispensation cases and need for new coordinator.

Lalow seed pod. 
Heads Up Old Law Families Without Dispensation Prior to New Law Taking Effect:

"Gives notice, furthermore, that the Act of August 29, 2013 repealing the decree of April 4, 1974 puts an end to the presidential waiver authorizing adoption for prospective adoptive parents who already have biological children. Cases for which the presidential waiver was not solicited or granted as of November 15, 2013, are exempt from this formality, but will be processed in accordance with section 37, 36, 76, 78 of the Act of august 29, 2013;"

This sounds like the families who needed presidential dispensation when the office closed will be able to move out of IBESR soon. Keep praying as they wait for a letter and files to move to courts.

New law folks like us no longer need dispensation.

For our case we learned from our USA agency that our International Adoption Coordinator left her job and the position will now need to be filled. We pray that the Lord will put the perfect person in that job.

If we were looking to hire this person we'd be looking for someone with the following:
  • A passion to help families unite in a timely fashion through international adoption.
  • Willing to go a second mile to help families living overseas find the answers to unique questions due to their locations.
  • Willing to occasionally work on weekends or nights when occasion warrants so that situations can be dealt with in a timely fashion.
  • Willing to touch base once a month on families during the waiting process even if there's no new news or to update on Country adoption news.
  • A praying person.
Today we talked to someone in the home office as requested by phone. A visit from staff to Haiti in April did not find out any new news. Our file remains fine. Nothing much for us to do until late January when our fingerprints will need renewal for the US government to update our I-600a.

Praying for movement across all the different levels of this process. Looking forward to getting our referral and learning names, faces, facts. Praying for patience, hope and peace.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Prayers for progress.

We passed the 5 month wait in IBESR with no news this week. Please continue to pray for Haiti's adoption process as delays cause hundreds of children to live without parents and siblings to love them.

For a full report from God's Littlest Angels founder Dixie go here. Dixie recently returned to Haiti after a trip and visited IBESR, June 13.

Condensed points:

  1. No official referrals have been given since December.
  2. Lots of indecision at IBESR in her opinion. Working on the families stuck because of the change of status for dispensation cases under old law. When the President closed the office after the new law passed, the charts under old law there could not officially be finished.
  3. Secretary was working on getting dossiers ready for biological families to release their children for adoption. Families being told their children would be adopted soon.
  4. Lawyer in charge of adoption unit has a 'history of indecision or accepts changes slowly' and is busy with other duties. Hague representative been working for 2 months now.
  5. GLA has a long list of pre-matched suggestions. Hoping to get quicker matches.
  6. Fee increase. "Everyone says this will not affect dossiers already in IBESR before they raise the fees.'

She also noted staff out sick with Chikungunya fever which is sweeping the country right now. She remarks how all the checks and agencies will remain in limbo until decisions are made and then acted on.

Prayer Requests:

  • Madame Arielle Villedroin as the director of IBESR. Health. Wisdom to improve the system and make needed changes to get adoptions moving again.
  • Lawyers will find a way to finish up the old dispensation cases.
  • Parents giving up their children. That many will find ways to remain a family.
  • Creches waiting for movement. Having to turn away new children because of limited space, staff, and resources.
  • That the devil's delays and distractions will be overcome and progress can be made on getting children home to loving, Christian families.
  • That those suffering from Chikungunya fever will recover rapidly without lingering effects. Protection on those not yet infected by this new mosquito transmitted virus.
  • Patience, hope, and preparation for the waiting families like ours. 
Please let your praying friends and prayer chains know of this important prayer need. We feel this is a spiritual battle and every prayer counts. Please fight with us for these precious children. Thank you. 

P.S. Maybe as a reminder to pray you can pray when you wait…. When you wait to pick up your children at an event pray for this of us waiting to pick up our children at an orphanage. Waiting at a stop light, in a line or on the phone just send out a quick prayer for the process and those involved at each level.