Friday, July 24, 2015

Waiting again..

Once again the wait stretches on and the pressure starts to build. No recent word about our paperwork or F.
Monday will mark three years since the Lord prompted us to pursue adoption.

Our time in IBESR now passed the 1 1/2 year mark and continues to grow.

Word on Facebook is that the director will be going on vacation for the month of August.

Please join us in praying that she can focus on signing charts the next 6 business days as her signature is needed on both referral charts and to exit IBESR and enter the court system for the adoption process.

Our wait to exit after our socialization visit will be at ten weeks on Monday.

  • Director Mme. Arielle Villedrouin
  • F's adjustment to the new foster family
  • F's mother going for embassy appointment 
  • IBESR exit
  • Stability during August elections [senate]