Friday, December 22, 2017

Merry Christmas.

E-mail from yesterday let us know that Fritzlin's passport paperwork should have been submitted today.

So we assume that the needed correction happened and that the adoption paperwork exited MOI for the second time and was accepted by Immigration.

As those of you who have followed our adoption journey know one cannot depend on other people's time lines....but recently passports have been taking around 2-5 weeks.

With the next couple of weeks being holidays we do not expect to hear anything about the passport until mid to late January at the earliest.

In the past know that significant delays occured in passports because they ran out of offical passport books and the paper has to be ordered and come from Europe.

No word on Kris' fingerprints or spelling corrections of her or Fritz's name.

Eli and Kris' folks flew to Haiti on Tuesday so we are enjoying family time for the holidays.

We are looking forward to traveling with Fritz in 2018! Happy New Year!
Thank you for the prayers.

Thursday, December 14, 2017


Update today.

Technically we are out of MOI, 'sort of'.

Apparently our dossier was returned to Immigration but Immigration sent it back for a correction.

Thankfully only one specific area needs to be redone not the whole thing.

The agency continues to check every other day to see if this has been done.

After the correction is done the next step will be the passport application.

No word on refreshing my fingerprints.

No word yet either about the needed corrections of the misspelling of my and F's names.

Looking forward to be able to travel with Fritz in 2018.

Thank you for the prayers.