Monday, October 30, 2017


Not much to report for the month of October that we know for sure.

If things happened as anticipated on Friday, a staff person should have been able to pick up our Act of Adoption following legalization.

Due to official visits to our adoption agency this week to renew their re-accreditation, we do not anticipate hearing anything.

We continue to wait to hear if Kris' fingerprints have been refreshed..the request was made back in May before they expired in June.

Another concern about our most recent paperwork is the misspelling of Kristi's name.

On our exit paperwork from IBESR it was 'Kristy'.

So we pointed it out to our agency...but the next couple official papers returned with the spelling 'Krysty'.

Praying this does not delay us further, and can be rapidly removed.

F continues to do very well in school and life.

He celebrated turning 7 recently, enjoying spaghetti and chocolate cake with a triceratops on it.

Gifts included a small plastic horse, lots of Legos and a spider-man motorcycle.

-Act of Adoption
-Kris' fingerprints refreshed
-Agency re-accreditation
-Corrections of mis-spelling of Kris' name
-Visa progress
-political stability