Sunday, June 18, 2017

Court Clerk Strike

We received an update from our social worker on Friday.

Monday will be 2 months since F’s family returned to court for the additional paperwork.  

While the judge continues to work, all the law clerks are on strike and they need to sign every court document.

 Our agency’s lawyer appealed to one of the IBESR staff on Friday, explaining the difficulties and delays in our’s and a second case requesting special consideration to release our case. 

The case will be reviewed with the current paperwork, the doctor’s reports and certificates, and if both the staff member and the IBESR psychologist concurs our file will be released. 

F continues to do well and has adjusted smoothly to summer vacation from school. 

Prayer Requests:
  • All the paperwork gets turned in next week to IBESR without delay or errors. 
  • That the psychologist concurs with the results.
  • That the review of the case results in the release of our file.
  • That the clerks return to work and are paid or treated fairly. 
  • That the lawyer can make sure things happen in a timely fashion.
  • That the 30 day waiting period can also be waved in our case so we can enter courts soon.
  • Cory’s finger prints to be refreshed
  • That they confirm that Kris’s fingerprints have been found under her legal name and are being refreshed. 

Thank you for your prayers.

Monday, June 5, 2017

'Miracles in motion..'

Still waiting for word about the final judgement and letter for IBESR. The count now at six weeks.

Yesterday while visiting friends we watched a sermon from the Radiant Church... on the 5th chapter of Mark, the Essential Gospel: Part 5 Miracle in Motion
After a bit I just had to jot down a few notes...

  • Many miracles do not happen all at once...
  • Delays = Divine Direction
    • invatations to trust
    • greatest oppotunies can come from interruptions
  • 'It is possible' is always accompanied with 'why bother' 
    • truth does not always equal fact
    • ignore the doubters
    • Truth..with God..All things are possible
  • 'Do not fear, only believe'
  • Hard = just a chapter in your story...not the whole story
  • No way....Yaweh! Believe it.
  • Its NOT the end
  • King has one more move...chess game is not over.
Very encouraging for us.

We did recieve good news that our expiring I-600 visa fingerprints can be 'refreshed' or updated without our having to travel for an appointment. Cory's are in process and Kris' will be soon [they couldn't find her under Thede..due to the hyphenated last name!]

Just received our 2 month update on F. He is doing well in the new foster home. Finshed up the school year and transitioning to a summer schedule. Continues to pray about the paperwork and being able to come home.