Sunday, January 7, 2018

Happy New Year from Passports

Happy 2018!!

On January 4th, we received an email informing us that after Christmas Fritzlin's passport application was turned in and a number received.

Around that same time I read about a family who was told that their child's Haitian passport was delayed because of a lack of ink.

We've heard a few times since starting the adoption process about delays due to lack of ink or lack of the passport booklets. Thankfully we heard since then that the passport ink was located.

So we continue to wait. We belive that the next steps [providing that we do not get delayed due to Kris' fingerprints or name misspellings] after Fritz's passport, will be his traveling to Port for a medical exam and a final visa exam.

Then an exit letter will be provided and we can travel internationally.

It will be great to know we can travel as a family! We plan to travel to the USA after Fritz has his visa and he will become an American citizen when we pass through imigration in the airport.

At this point, assuming we can travel in the next few months we don't plan to go all the way to Michigan. Because Anna is now planning to attend college in the fall we would preferr to visit in the summer so we can help transition her to the USA.

Thank you for your prayers. We enter 2018 with high hopes to finally reach the end of the adoption paperwork that we started in 2012/2013.

We pray that all the steps will continue to progress in a timely fashion.

We hope to be able to introduce Fritzlin personally to many of you when we travel to the USA, likely combining Anna's high school graduation celebration with one to celebrate and introduce Fritz.

Keep watching for updates.