Saturday, March 29, 2014

Waiting and Prayer

I may need to give up reading adoption blogs. Way to many stories of excited families celebrating short timeframes in Haiti only to be still in the process months or years past when they hoped to bring their children home.

This shows that even in the past how unwise looking at other people's time frames and trying to guess the whens could become. So many heartbreaking stories of delays [for errors or unknown reasons] even when using the timeframes from their agencies.

Now no one knows as the new process really does not have any 'time frames' yet. I'm sure that if I took a time frame and doubled or tripled it knowing how things can go a tiny part of my brain would insist on reminding me of the shortest possible one.

While many of these blogs believed as we do that the Lord can do great and mighty things very often reality looks way different than what we would like to hope and dream. But we must believe that He knows best, while praying against the delays of the devil.

Is a delay good or bad…only the Lord with His infanate wisdom and knowledge of the future can know that so we dare not speculate.

Would it not be 'nice' to turn off that small counter in our minds and therefore be pleasantly surprised when the next step's completion becomes known to us. But would that lessen the frequency and intensity of my prayers?

 If so then that price I would not pay, for the power of prayer remains our strongest tool against evil.

One need not read very much about adoptions to realize that that battle for children needing good stable families is intense. The realities of evil and abuse stand in the way of healing in forever families.


  • Praising the Lord for 2 families we know who now have tickets to go home.
  • Praying for the IBESR staff working on old cases, transition cases and new.
  • April 1st change to the Hague
  • Praying for our referral, the time frame, crèches involved, staff 
  • Praying for our children

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Riding the coster with no lights.

YEAH!!!! We possess an IBESR number. I know I already told you that but continuing to celebrate. Today makes week 8 in IBESR.

Next time we hear from someone should be with a possible referral! Very exciting and scary. I think of it like riding a big roller coster in the dark.

Climbing a little hill or is it a big hill. Click. Click. You can tell you are heading up hill..higher and higher. Maybe a small swerve to the right. Now left. Did the sounds change?

Is a big drop right ahead or a series of twists and turns?
The suspense grows with each second.

You strain all your senses trying to see the top or get a clue to where you are.

You know a drop is coming but how to prepare yourself when you cannot see the top?!?!

Each day clicks. The clock moves forward. The days add up.

 Each morning starts with the thought "Will today be the day?" Each night ends with "Maybe tomorrow?"  Then in rapid succession follow: Wonder who are they? What ages? What stories? What details? Will they be ours? What do they look like? 


We know days, weeks or months could stand before us and our referral mountain top moment.

Trusting in Him. Looking for verses and devotionals about waiting well.

Lower expectations during Carnival season as we did not expect much work going on in government offices. But heard on Friday that IBESR started matching again [although one of the workers who matches was out sick that day-praying for health].

Heard that parent interviews also starting.

Studying for boards helps to limit my pondering as I focus on all the medical information that could be on the test. Passing now would be great so I can focus on life and not retaking the test in November. 

Waiting to crest the top and open that exciting E-mail.

In addition to the prayer requests on the last post and found on the side bar. Some families who waited months to over a year for Presidential dispensation [no longer needed] find their dossiers in limbo as one group says no dispensation is now needed but the group responsible for the next step thinks they need something more?