Monday, April 25, 2016

Missed deadline...but all's OK

Well for the first time in this journey I missed a deadline.

The shocking email came this morning asking for information about where we were in getting the needed documents for F's visa as yesterday's deadline passed without our requesting an extension.

I do not know how that important date did not make it onto our calendar. [Failure to get an extension means your case is closed and we would have had to start over from the start with I800.]

Very thankful to report that the needed three month extension has already been granted and is HIGHLIGHTED on our calendar!

Praise the Lord!

Praying hard that this will be the last but it's our third extension and likely not last.

Also praying it will be the last time I miss something!

No word on the last needed signature that could come 'any day'...tomorrow will make three weeks.

We know that without the many friends praying this hard wait would be even harder.

Praying for health, no vacations, no political protests or any other distractions... for the person who needs to sign yet, so that they can focus and sign the charts that need signing!

A political protest is in Cap Haitian this afternoon-praying once the papers get into lower courts in Cap that everything can move smoothly.

We did see a very cute picture of F last week holding a fluffy baby chick. Hear he's happy and that last night he said during evening prayers "And I can't wait to be with my mom and dad!" 

Know that the Lord is answering the prayers that we and F will wait well and still hold on to hope.

Praising the Lord that F' is in a Christian home and doing well while we wait.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Flowers and thorns

Still waiting to hear that the final signature is on our chart and the pick up is arranged or occurred.

Waiting has not gotten easier with time or practice, for me.

Looking back to a few journal entries a year ago when the time grew short for our referral and being able to have Eli go on our socialization trip the emotions are easily similar as we rapidly approach the 1 year mark of waiting to exit IBESR and enter courts after meeting F.

Some days hope soars high and praise comes easier...but other days it takes every bit of concentration and intentionality to focus my thoughts on worship, praise and trust.

[Like flowers and thorns on the same plant-good moments and painful ones. Must try to focus on the flowers while acknowledging the thorns at the same time.]

While I don't believe in signs or clues, occasionally thoughts flitter through my mind...this date would be nice, this would work, why not this...what am I missing or what lesson haven't I learned that's holding us back?

Like if I could just figure out the game or one clue then we would be able to move to the next step. The right prayer or the right way to pray or worship...even though I know that my Lord doesn't work that way.

Encouragement comes from many different places: emails, prayers of friends, instant messaging with family, songs, books, or other.

Yesterday's encouragement came during my devotions. I Thess 3: 9-12. "How can we thank God enough for you in return for all the joy we have in the presence of our God because of you? 

Night and day we pray most earnestly that we may see you again and supply what is lacking in your faith. 

Now may our God and Father himself and our Lord Jesus clear the way for us to come to you."

My prayers for us and F, "Clear the way Lord!"

Door first opened: 3 years 8.5 months
Paperwork first in the mail: 3 years 1 month
IBESR: 2 years 3 months
Waiting to get out after socialization: 11 months tomorrow
Last saw F: 5.5 months

I-600 families received a 3 month extension, until July 1st, for receiving an official referral before they would have to change over to I-800. We are beyond this step but our I-600 will expire in November.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Balancing act...prayer praises and request

At times life, parenting, and adoptions all require balancing, hard balancing.

When to ask or when to continue to wait quietly??

Tuesday we sent out a couple of different e-mails. One requesting information about our fingerprint renewal [as we heard nothing in the 2 week time line and the prints were set to expire in three weeks].

In the second we asked what the guys learned back in March when they went again to IBESR to ask about the I600 paperwork and if a "Plan B" existed if the paper kept getting misplaced.

Just received word that our fingerprints were renewed on March 30 !! Very happy not to travel to the USA, Dominican Republic or even Port-au-Prince for this step. Thank you Lord.

Equally exciting news arrived by email on Tuesday that our referral is printed and ready to be signed out! Hoping and praying that it can be picked up this week. Praise the Lord!!!

Thank you for praying the I-600 paperwork into the right spot!

The person who needs to sign it doesn't work every day so praying they already worked this week and signed so when the agency staff go to check, everything is ready to be picked up.


  • Signature and dossier / chart pick up this week.
  • Protection and safe travels for the paperwork to the North, in a timely fashion
  • That the judge and court officials will have time in their schedules to rapidly process our case.
  • Praising the Lord for the good news on both requests. 
A third piece of good news-for other families still under the I-600 visa. Everyone thought that if an official referral had not been signed by April 1st, that these transition families would need to redo their paperwork and resubmit it all for a I800 visa [Hauge treaty].

But an announcement from the US State Department makes things sound very good-that they will continue to work with IBESR on these cases and they may be able to continue as I600 cases. Another answer to prayer.

They plan to meet next week to work on details...another reason it would be great to exit this week so that the meetings do not delay our exit any further. 

Also received a two month update on F. He's doing well. Lost a tooth, enjoyed a morning at a pool, learning more manners and letters! He already politely used 'please' and 'thank-you' when we met him 11 months ago but adding 'excuse me'

All these answers to prayer have my hopes flying and increased my e-mail checking frequency a lot!

The Lord is working. Keep praying!