Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Finger print renewal and more paperwork

Received our updated I-600a provisional approval, I-171H in the mail this week with the new date for our fingerprint expiration now reading, April 27, 2016.

Confirmed that no Haitian social workers work in northern Haiti and contacted the closest ex-pat social worker than we know of living in Haiti.

Will try to work out a time for her to visit in the next couple months and if we cannot get a date that works we will start to contact other social workers in Port-au-Prince.

This week we started to fill out updated information for our agency. Thankfully not as much as the first time around but still we pray this will be the last time.

Have the medical part already completed during our visit to LaGonave, including the needed TB skin test.

With major transportation strikes the last few weeks closing down parts of the country and Carnival this week doubt that much business will get done.

The opposition party threatens to renew and strength the transportation strike after Carnival if the government does not make the changes that they want.

Please continue to pray for:
  •  the Haitian government
  • for political stability
  • for referrals 
  • for our referral to come soon
  • we can find a social worker for our home study renewal
  • completion of our update paperwork
  • that our bonding trip would not conflict with other scheduled events
  • that we wait well and learn the lessons we need to learn
  • for the additional prayer request on the side bar
  • and mostly that the Lord's plan for our lives and those of our child [children] will be done.