Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Adoption process like boating.

I think that a good word picture for the adoption process in Haiti is to liken it to placing a small toy boat in a creek.

We prepare the boat the best we can [putting together one's dossier] and then release.

Some boats remain in the middle of the stream making steady progress with no problems.

Many bump from shore to shore hitting small snags now and then but still make pretty good time to the finish line.

Winds may help or may push boats off course.

Other boats capsize at the start. They run into obstacle after obstacle or hit a major blockage and sit there...for months or even years. Hope grows thin.

At the beginning all hope and pray that they will make it through without problems. Maybe they will be the family with the miracle time frames.

They think they can do this, they have the strength, the patience, the courage!

Even the strong grow weary with the struggles and fighting in time.

Please pray for the families who now count their journey by years not months.
             Those loosing hope.
             Those longing to see the finish line and finally take their children home.
             Those missing another birthday, holiday or developmental milestone.

Pray for:

  •  those like us just starting the journey but already counting the wait in months.
  •  those with charts at the Haitian Ministry of the Interior who learned today it will be closed for a while.
  • the 2 families in the last post who now both finally get to enjoy their new daughters living at home but still transitioning.
  • the crèches trying to get parents to show up for their IBESR interviews.
  • the IBESR staff as they learn new ways to do things.
  • the court process as they try to improve things as well, find a new lawyer, a office location and new staff.
  •  Haitian families making the heart breaking decisions to give up their children and that once they decide they can arrive on time for the meetings they need to attend.
  • that most Haitian families can find the means to keep and provide well for their children.

Pray for:

  •  our little ones. That they can know soon that a family wants them and that they can stay together.
  •  them to feel God's love and care for them as He provides and protects them.
  • patience as the days and weeks go by without word. We want as much time as a whole family as possible before Eli heads to college, fall of 2015.
  • us while we wait that we stay close to the Lord, trusting in Him and not becoming discouraged.
  • our dossier. That it does not become lost.

Thank you.