Thursday, July 12, 2018

Prayer Request & Week 10 in USA.

Fritzlin continues to do very well with all the major changes that come with living in the USA.

 Lots of interesting things to do:

  • Open-house and 4th of July parties
  • 10 church visits so far. Children's church
  • Visits with family- including Fritz's second forster family. Plan to meet with his first foster family next week. 
  • Medical visits: eye doctor, dentist, health department, labs. ALL GOOD!
  • Swimming, library, garage sales, restaurants
  • Lots of new foods and different types of ice cream.
  • TV shows...not enough TV time but we figure that is typical for 7 year olds.
  • Visiting Lake Michigan
We even have managed to complete first grade math and are very close to finishing up hand-writing and reading.

Our agency and other experts tell us that because of the way the paperwork was filed and visa given that Fritzlin IS an American citizen. 

BUT....because we also live outside of the USA there is a grey area. 

We have been asked to submit additional documentation. At this time if nothing changes Fritzlin will not be getting a Certificate of Citizenship.

We are not totally clear what that would mean in the future.

We have all the papers needed to get Fritzlin's American passport but if then he would receive a green card things would be very complicated.

So while he is an American....getting the paperwork to prove it, his Certificate of Citizenship, could be 'challenging'. 

We hope to be able to return to Haiti shortly after Eli and Anna start college classes on September 4th. 

I'll post here for adoption specific issues and rare updates.

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Thank you for your prayers.