Thursday, September 18, 2014

September Prayers Update

Very small wild flowers
Just passed the middle of September this week...keep praying.

In the Facebook group for Haiti adoptions the celebration for four new referrals continues as do the prayers that many more will follow in rapid sucession.

A new update from God's Littlest Angels can be seen here.
     -yesterday they received 17 dossiers for abandoned children in their care to take to children's courts for the mayor to sign, joining the 4 from earlier. [after this step families will receive referrals for these children]
     -other creches have also received dossiers.
     -no more lists of possible matches will be accepted by IBESR from the creches
     -no new dossiers accepted this month.


  • A few referrals made
  • Children's dossiers released for the Children's Court Step
  •  Visiting churches with our guests allow us to remind them to pray for Haiti's families and children in orphanages as well as for our children specifically.
  • An update from our new international adoption coordinator in the USA. Nothing new to report but happy that it looks like we will be getting timely updates.
  • Continued referrals
  • Children's Courts to work in a timely fashion
    • families and mayors to make their court dates
  • Bonding trip dates-need to be coordinated with IBESR
  • Release from IBESR of families already completed their bonding trip
    • release of old law/ procedure families
  • Improvement of efficiency, accuracy, organization of IBESR
  • Progress for folks in the other steps that follow IBESR-courts, visas, passports
  • All USA adoption agencies need renewed permission to work in Haiti.
  • Working out of new fees for the new process and for the families needing to cover the increased costs
  • Orphanages and creches taking care of the children
  • Waiting families
  • Transition to families
Thank you!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September prayers.

Tiny flowers on a weed in the yard. 
IBESR closed their doors to new dossiers for the month of September to have a chance to 'catch up on all the current cases'.  Praying they get a miraculous amount of work done!!

A Haitian lawyer commented on a Facebook group that the new procedure is so complicated 'a web' that IBESR would likely not be giving referrals for months yet.

But we serve a big, all-powerful God and pray for His compassion, pity, grace and mercy for the orphans knowing He can bring order and efficiency out of chaos.
We rejoice this morning with a women who after 18 months in IBESR waiting for a referral for a girl received it yesterday!!

Praying for families now in the process for 4-7 years. Praying for the truth to be known if they will not be able to complete the process or if they can for rapid movement. 

While we would love to pray specifically for our children by name, their families by name, know ages and location, look at pictures, we're honored to be praying for the Lord's will and His timing.

Praying for the USA adoption agencies working in Haiti. They had to resubmit their paperwork for licenses in August and may learn in October which agencies licenses were renewed. 

Blogged some specific requests in more detail on our family blog: September Challenge