Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Prayers, hope, waiting....

Seconds melt into minutes. Minutes add up to hours. Hours accumulate into days, and days to months. Relentlessly the months join together into years as time marches on....
No real news but don't let that stop you from praying!
  • Thankful for the new attorney working on our case.
    • The legal counsel she's been waiting to talk to about our case should have returned to work today after being gone on vacation.
    • Thankful she and the agencies are looking into all possible answers
      • Asking the Lord to show the best way for us.
      • Asking the Lord to grant everyone wisdom, efficiency, and integrity.
      • Asking the Lord for forward progress and that He get the glory and honor. 
  • Sent in our 3 month renewal request for F's I-600 visa and received a different response.
    • Thankful for our agency looking into this.
    • Thankful there looks to be a few different paths for a visa when this one expires
      • Asking the Lord for wisdom and direction.
  • The first child will be leaving F's foster home this week to join his new family.

    • Thankful for the wonderful housemates F has and nannies
    • Thankful for the adults pouring love into the kids during these hard, confusing times of change.
    • Thankful for progress and the first home going party for this house! Thankful for the other 4 children from the creche who've gone home during 2016. 
      • Praying for each during this week of transition and for the good-byes to occur on Friday.
      • Praying for progress for F's case as well as the other 4 children in the home. 
  • Thankful that F's foster aunt agreed to spend some extra time with him reading books and working on some kindergarten stuff.He will continue to attend pre-school three times a week as well
    • Thankful the books arrived to the family before they returned to Haiti and that they were willing to carry the books in for us.
      • Praying for F to learn well and continue to enjoy school
  • Thankful for those praying and supporting us and especially those supporting F.
      • Praying that F can put his trust in the Lord and the adults telling him that we love him. At this time the staff does not think that F would understand if we were to visit him why he can't go home with us. So we wait, longing to interact, hug and tell him in person that we love him. Waiting for the day the Lord opens the door for us to be a 'real' family when F legally becomes ours in name and place, not just in our hearts and minds.