Saturday, July 15, 2017

Prayers, answers and requests.

Well, after asking a few times about the issues we listed in our last update as prayer requests, we really do not have much to report on them. We know that the paperwork was turned in and that the case was reviewed, but no exit. Now the director is asking for 6 signatures, obtained 5 years ago, to be redone.

We received the notification on Thursday. We were told that it would be doubtful that the 6 people could even be found and that if another new 6 had to be found it could prove to complicated our case.  In addition to this....the judge on the case would only be working Friday [yesterday] before leaving Haiti for a month.

Very frustrating and depressing because this paperwork should not need to be redone. They were praying for the judge to sign without the 6 new signatures before leaving. And they also planned to contact the Embassy to ask for help.

We immediately started praying and let our prayer teams know. [I in my haste, actually thought that the judge was only working on Thursday! Adding to the urgency]

Thankfully, late Friday night we were sent an email update.

Today's Facebook post: Praising the Lord! Our hard working, persistent adoption coordinator managed to not only find 4 of the needed people for signatures but got them in front of the judge yesterday. So with those signatures and the judge's they will continue to work next week for one more needed signature on Monday so that they can go again to the director to ask for our file to be released. Thank you for the prayers and please keep them up! 

Thank you again for your support. We shudder to even think about going through this journey without your supporting prayers and the power provided by those prayers.

So praying for the Lord’s will for:

  • Adoption coordinator's safety, health, wisdom, favor, and blessings.
  • Monday’s appointment to sign and the final things that need to happen for this paperwork
  • Safety for all involved.
  • The appointment to be made soon with the director
  • That the director will not ask for anything further but will release our file
  • That the 30 day wait period doesn’t need to happen
  • For resolution of the law clerk strike
  • For any help or advice that the USA Embassy can provide
  • For the adoption phase that follows exiting IBESR to move smoothly
  • For F to be full of the Lord’s love, hope, and patience
  • For our family to wait well on the Lord, giving Him all the glory and honor that He deserves.