Thursday, December 14, 2017


Update today.

Technically we are out of MOI, 'sort of'.

Apparently our dossier was returned to Immigration but Immigration sent it back for a correction.

Thankfully only one specific area needs to be redone not the whole thing.

The agency continues to check every other day to see if this has been done.

After the correction is done the next step will be the passport application.

No word on refreshing my fingerprints.

No word yet either about the needed corrections of the misspelling of my and F's names.

Looking forward to be able to travel with Fritz in 2018.

Thank you for the prayers.

Monday, October 30, 2017


Not much to report for the month of October that we know for sure.

If things happened as anticipated on Friday, a staff person should have been able to pick up our Act of Adoption following legalization.

Due to official visits to our adoption agency this week to renew their re-accreditation, we do not anticipate hearing anything.

We continue to wait to hear if Kris' fingerprints have been refreshed..the request was made back in May before they expired in June.

Another concern about our most recent paperwork is the misspelling of Kristi's name.

On our exit paperwork from IBESR it was 'Kristy'.

So we pointed it out to our agency...but the next couple official papers returned with the spelling 'Krysty'.

Praying this does not delay us further, and can be rapidly removed.

F continues to do very well in school and life.

He celebrated turning 7 recently, enjoying spaghetti and chocolate cake with a triceratops on it.

Gifts included a small plastic horse, lots of Legos and a spider-man motorcycle.

-Act of Adoption
-Kris' fingerprints refreshed
-Agency re-accreditation
-Corrections of mis-spelling of Kris' name
-Visa progress
-political stability

Thursday, September 28, 2017

A fast step!!!

Finally a fast step!! Thank you Lord.

We knew it was going to be a long day painting cement sealant on the inside of the water cistern for our new house. So Anna and I spent Monday doing extra school and preparing meals. Cory worked to get things set up for the job. Tuesday morning we headed out about 7 a.m. and Anna joined us a few hours later. 

Together the three of us painted walls for 4 hours and then took a break for lunch and to let the first layer set. At lunch we saw a message that let us know that we could start to expect the next step to be done in mid-October. Ok, any of these kinds of schedule predictions we now deal with by letting our hopes grow a little, make some plans if it would happen by then, and pray. No true expectations of it happening.

So we returned to paint the second layer talking about what the timeline may look like if we passed the lower courts by mid-October. We raced the end of the job as the cold rain started to fall. We finished up just in time to enjoy hot chicken soup that Anna had started on Monday. 

So after warming up and finishing supper I went to check our emails and saw DONE! in the subject heading. Even Fritzlin’s house parents were surprised when they heard the news and double checked. So we’ve passed one level of lower courts. 

So we’re praising the Lord. Parquet is a multilayered step and we’re guessing that we’ve just completed the first step. Another family we know who just brought home their daughter didn’t hear much for many of the steps that I’ve listed under the ‘Steps’ tab.

Prayers still:

Political stability
Kris’ fingerprint renewal for the visa process
Fritzlin to continue to learn and grow
The next steps- no delays
The timing and process of a home-study update for the visa paperwork
House build will continue at a good pace [Road up the mountain needs repair so that the dump-truck can bring up building supplies.

Sunday, September 10, 2017


After 1,333 days we excitedly received the long awaited news that our case EXITED IBESR!

Thank you for the thousands of prayers.
In the clouds colored pink by Irma sunset.  The reflection is the camera flash off the window as we didn't see the sun.

We celebrated Friday with some cheesecake for our case finally moving forward and the Lord's protection over Haiti during Hurricane Irma!

What now?  Good question.

Monday the paperwork should reach the hands of our agency's laywer in Port-au-Prince.

We are praying that the case can go into courts for the Haitian adoption and be completed without a 30 day waiting period.

We hope to find out this week from our social worker what the next steps really consist of and what kind of time line they 'guess' we could be looking at for the next steps.

You can find the 'Steps' as we currently understand them under the tab at the top of the page.

[But considering some people exited after their socialization visit in less than 2 months and it took us 2 years, 3 1/2 months we will not be holding our breath for speedy progress.]

From watching other people ahead of us it looks like it could be 6-8 months before we complete the adoption and visa steps and will be able to travel with F to the USA.

F starts his 1st grade school year tomorrow.

We thank everyone for praying and hope that everyone continues to hold up our case and many others in Haiti's adoption system.

Many transition families continue to wait for their referrals after years of waiting.

Please pray as well for stablitiy in Haiti as we hear that there could be protests this week due to proposed tax increases.

Also, hurricane season will not be officially end for 2017 until the end of November.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Still waiting and praying.

More than a month since my last update but really nothing more to update.

F's friend, who he roomed with for over 4 years moved to the USA with her new family this week.
We are praying for L's transiton as well as for F's emotions and for him to remain hopeful.

He will be starting 1st grade the first week of September.

The Embassy adoption unit staff visited IBESR twice this week trying to get some of the 'stuck' cases like ours that most of the IBESR staff are reportedly returned from vacations.

The adoption coordinator was at the IBESR office on Wednesday to talk to the lady who needs to release our paperwork...and while she was there, she did not meet with him.

We had heard that she was on vacation for 2-4 weeks of August, but we've also heard that she was not and plans to take vaction the first part of September.

We are so thankful for the continued prayers of so many of you.

Not sure if what we feel is peace from the Lord, numbness from getting our hopes up so many times only to remain stuck, or a combination of both.

Thinking back to the 16 months we waited for our referral I remember so well how as every weekday would pass my checking e-mails would increase along with the intensity of my prayers until Friday afternoon when they would peak...intensly hopeful for good news before the staff left for the weekend.

The weekends would be a release of tension, knowing that there was no reason to check for emails.

Then on Monday morning the cycle would start over.

Been a long time since I watched the clock on Friday afternoons. Now and then we hear from our social worker but never with the news we long to hear.

Today marks 1, 319 days for our chart in IBESR.  Thank you for your continued prayers.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Prayers, answers and requests.

Well, after asking a few times about the issues we listed in our last update as prayer requests, we really do not have much to report on them. We know that the paperwork was turned in and that the case was reviewed, but no exit. Now the director is asking for 6 signatures, obtained 5 years ago, to be redone.

We received the notification on Thursday. We were told that it would be doubtful that the 6 people could even be found and that if another new 6 had to be found it could prove to complicated our case.  In addition to this....the judge on the case would only be working Friday [yesterday] before leaving Haiti for a month.

Very frustrating and depressing because this paperwork should not need to be redone. They were praying for the judge to sign without the 6 new signatures before leaving. And they also planned to contact the Embassy to ask for help.

We immediately started praying and let our prayer teams know. [I in my haste, actually thought that the judge was only working on Thursday! Adding to the urgency]

Thankfully, late Friday night we were sent an email update.

Today's Facebook post: Praising the Lord! Our hard working, persistent adoption coordinator managed to not only find 4 of the needed people for signatures but got them in front of the judge yesterday. So with those signatures and the judge's they will continue to work next week for one more needed signature on Monday so that they can go again to the director to ask for our file to be released. Thank you for the prayers and please keep them up! 

Thank you again for your support. We shudder to even think about going through this journey without your supporting prayers and the power provided by those prayers.

So praying for the Lord’s will for:

  • Adoption coordinator's safety, health, wisdom, favor, and blessings.
  • Monday’s appointment to sign and the final things that need to happen for this paperwork
  • Safety for all involved.
  • The appointment to be made soon with the director
  • That the director will not ask for anything further but will release our file
  • That the 30 day wait period doesn’t need to happen
  • For resolution of the law clerk strike
  • For any help or advice that the USA Embassy can provide
  • For the adoption phase that follows exiting IBESR to move smoothly
  • For F to be full of the Lord’s love, hope, and patience
  • For our family to wait well on the Lord, giving Him all the glory and honor that He deserves.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Court Clerk Strike

We received an update from our social worker on Friday.

Monday will be 2 months since F’s family returned to court for the additional paperwork.  

While the judge continues to work, all the law clerks are on strike and they need to sign every court document.

 Our agency’s lawyer appealed to one of the IBESR staff on Friday, explaining the difficulties and delays in our’s and a second case requesting special consideration to release our case. 

The case will be reviewed with the current paperwork, the doctor’s reports and certificates, and if both the staff member and the IBESR psychologist concurs our file will be released. 

F continues to do well and has adjusted smoothly to summer vacation from school. 

Prayer Requests:
  • All the paperwork gets turned in next week to IBESR without delay or errors. 
  • That the psychologist concurs with the results.
  • That the review of the case results in the release of our file.
  • That the clerks return to work and are paid or treated fairly. 
  • That the lawyer can make sure things happen in a timely fashion.
  • That the 30 day waiting period can also be waved in our case so we can enter courts soon.
  • Cory’s finger prints to be refreshed
  • That they confirm that Kris’s fingerprints have been found under her legal name and are being refreshed. 

Thank you for your prayers.