Saturday, July 15, 2017

Prayers, answers and requests.

Well, after asking a few times about the issues we listed in our last update as prayer requests, we really do not have much to report on them. We know that the paperwork was turned in and that the case was reviewed, but no exit. Now the director is asking for 6 signatures, obtained 5 years ago, to be redone.

We received the notification on Thursday. We were told that it would be doubtful that the 6 people could even be found and that if another new 6 had to be found it could prove to complicated our case.  In addition to this....the judge on the case would only be working Friday [yesterday] before leaving Haiti for a month.

Very frustrating and depressing because this paperwork should not need to be redone. They were praying for the judge to sign without the 6 new signatures before leaving. And they also planned to contact the Embassy to ask for help.

We immediately started praying and let our prayer teams know. [I in my haste, actually thought that the judge was only working on Thursday! Adding to the urgency]

Thankfully, late Friday night we were sent an email update.

Today's Facebook post: Praising the Lord! Our hard working, persistent adoption coordinator managed to not only find 4 of the needed people for signatures but got them in front of the judge yesterday. So with those signatures and the judge's they will continue to work next week for one more needed signature on Monday so that they can go again to the director to ask for our file to be released. Thank you for the prayers and please keep them up! 

Thank you again for your support. We shudder to even think about going through this journey without your supporting prayers and the power provided by those prayers.

So praying for the Lord’s will for:

  • Adoption coordinator's safety, health, wisdom, favor, and blessings.
  • Monday’s appointment to sign and the final things that need to happen for this paperwork
  • Safety for all involved.
  • The appointment to be made soon with the director
  • That the director will not ask for anything further but will release our file
  • That the 30 day wait period doesn’t need to happen
  • For resolution of the law clerk strike
  • For any help or advice that the USA Embassy can provide
  • For the adoption phase that follows exiting IBESR to move smoothly
  • For F to be full of the Lord’s love, hope, and patience
  • For our family to wait well on the Lord, giving Him all the glory and honor that He deserves.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Court Clerk Strike

We received an update from our social worker on Friday.

Monday will be 2 months since F’s family returned to court for the additional paperwork.  

While the judge continues to work, all the law clerks are on strike and they need to sign every court document.

 Our agency’s lawyer appealed to one of the IBESR staff on Friday, explaining the difficulties and delays in our’s and a second case requesting special consideration to release our case. 

The case will be reviewed with the current paperwork, the doctor’s reports and certificates, and if both the staff member and the IBESR psychologist concurs our file will be released. 

F continues to do well and has adjusted smoothly to summer vacation from school. 

Prayer Requests:
  • All the paperwork gets turned in next week to IBESR without delay or errors. 
  • That the psychologist concurs with the results.
  • That the review of the case results in the release of our file.
  • That the clerks return to work and are paid or treated fairly. 
  • That the lawyer can make sure things happen in a timely fashion.
  • That the 30 day waiting period can also be waved in our case so we can enter courts soon.
  • Cory’s finger prints to be refreshed
  • That they confirm that Kris’s fingerprints have been found under her legal name and are being refreshed. 

Thank you for your prayers.

Monday, June 5, 2017

'Miracles in motion..'

Still waiting for word about the final judgement and letter for IBESR. The count now at six weeks.

Yesterday while visiting friends we watched a sermon from the Radiant Church... on the 5th chapter of Mark, the Essential Gospel: Part 5 Miracle in Motion
After a bit I just had to jot down a few notes...

  • Many miracles do not happen all at once...
  • Delays = Divine Direction
    • invatations to trust
    • greatest oppotunies can come from interruptions
  • 'It is possible' is always accompanied with 'why bother' 
    • truth does not always equal fact
    • ignore the doubters
    • Truth..with God..All things are possible
  • 'Do not fear, only believe'
  • Hard = just a chapter in your story...not the whole story
  • No way....Yaweh! Believe it.
  • Its NOT the end
  • King has one more move...chess game is not over.
Very encouraging for us.

We did recieve good news that our expiring I-600 visa fingerprints can be 'refreshed' or updated without our having to travel for an appointment. Cory's are in process and Kris' will be soon [they couldn't find her under Thede..due to the hyphenated last name!]

Just received our 2 month update on F. He is doing well in the new foster home. Finshed up the school year and transitioning to a summer schedule. Continues to pray about the paperwork and being able to come home.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Another period of waiting...more than a month.

How I long for waits measured by only days...not weeks, months, or years.

We continue to wait for news that the judgement papers are finished and on their way to the IBESR office in Port-au-Prince, now more than a month since the family appeared for their court date.

We wait to hear what we need to do before our I-600 fingerprints expire the end of June.

Thankfully when I was reviewing our emails today I noticed that our prints expire on June 29, not the 21st like I thought and wrote in recent blogs/updates. So a bit more time for things to get worked out.

Our prayers is that either we are told that the fingerprints can just be refreshed without our needing to do anything or that we will be given an appointment at the Embassy to have the prints done again.

Today was F's last day of school for the year. Please pray for him and the other children as they transition to a different routine for the summer.

Saw today on Facebook someone's exciting post about having 'one more signature' before they get their referral. I pray that their wait is short. I doubt that our family will ever again get excited about 'any day now' or 'soon'  in relationship to our adoption...only when we have the facts!

Romans 8:25-28  But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently. 26 In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans. 27 And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God. 28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. 

Facts from these verses for me:
 1. We do hope for what we do not yet have...F home with us.
 2. We pray to wait patiently as we cannot do it on our own strength so we need the Lord's strength and patience.
 3. The Spirit helps us in our weakness!
 4. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit Himself interceds for us through wordless groans. He Himself cares more than words can express for us and F. Wow..hard to understand but encouraging.
 5. The Spririt inerceds for God's people [us] in accordance with the will of God.
 As much as we want F home and a physcial part of our daily lives we want God's will even more.
6. We do know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him.
    We love Him. F loves Him.
    We don't understand how this wait can be the Lord's will and maybe it is not His will but a spiritual battle.
     But we DO know that the Bible is His word and true.
    We know that God keeps His word, in His timing, and it will be for our good.

We will continue to stand on His promises while we wait. We will be grateful for His intercession on our family's behalf. We will pray for His will to be done. We will give Him glory and honor in this journey.

[Flower pictures: Pondering how different the same thing can look in different light. I want to see things through His His light!]

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

One small step but more prayers needed.

Due to the determination and tenuousness of staff and lawyer, court did happen yesterday but not as expected.

The required family members and staff made it to court, only to find out that the judge did not come due to illness. So they, along with a lawyer, drove to the judge's the end a different judge heard the case so the family members will not need to return.

Next steps as we know them:
  • Judge who heard the case writes up the document
  • Document goes to first judge for final verdict. He writes a letter for IBESR
  • Paperwork goes to Port-au-Prince, IBESR
  • Sign off chart.
  • Exit
  • Wait 30 days!?! This one we do not like! In the past it only took a week. IBESR thinks things go 'too fast' in the north. They go fast because there is only one place doing adoptions vs. many in Port; and they have a good relationship with the northern IBESR staff and everything moves smoothly. 
  • Parquet [lower courts] and adoption decree. These need to be 30 days after IBESR exit.
Time line.. likely 2-3 weeks before paperwork in PAP. Exit ?? 30 day wait. Then a week or so. 

This would put us the end of June, at the very fastest. Looking back at our emails from last year when the new paperwork was asked for....we learned about it on June 29 'IBESR just asked for a new document.' This is the same document that should be 2-3 weeks from being returned to them, 10.5 months later.

One of the reasons was that courts shut down for  three months during the summer.

So some specific prayers:
  • First judge gets the report to the second judge rapidly.
  • Second judge recovers from illness and finishes paperwork.
  • Paperwork to travel safely and without delay to Port au Prince
  • Signature and Exit!!!! 
  • That the Lord would move IBESR to show mercy and pity in our case which will be over 2 years from our socialization visit by the time we exit. A miracle to have them decide not to require the 30 day waiting period..... I think we've more than waited enough in the last 2 years.
  • Have the adoption decree before summer.
  • Cory and my visa fingerprints will expire on June 21st. That renewal will not require travel to Port au Prince or the USA 
F is doing well in school.

P.S. Adding....received a FB comment from another family who's case was in courts last summer in the north and their decree and judgements were signed in July and August. So maybe we would not have to face a 2-3 month wait! Thank you again for the prayers.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Third court date try....Monday

Next attempt, third, at court date will be Monday, April 24th. Thank you for the continued prayers. 

Please include prayers for us to be able to wait well, to serve the Lord and worship Him while we wait with growing faith and steady hope. Some days I wonder... I start to think about ‘what ifs’:
  • our fingerprints expiring for the visa in June; 
  • the courts again closing for summer recess without our adoption being done in Haiti which would mean another 3-4 month wait;
  • about moving to Délice [many months down the road, but when a step that should have taken 6 weeks more or less is closing in on the two YEAR mark one gets a bit paranoid!] and needing to update the home-study and all the money and work that would entail.
And I return again to the Lord in prayer, because our hope is in Him. We need His strength, hope, peace, and joy.

Report cards and teacher conferences just happened and were ‘very positive’. And he loves doing puzzles! As does Eli so a fun family activity in our future. He's also transitioning to new living arrangement. Thankful he’s healthy physically.

I, Kris, just started a new book and the first Bible story it talks about is when Jesus asked Peter to put down the nets again after a night of futile fishing. Luke 5:5 “But if you say so, I’ll let the nets down again.” I stopped reading, as the phrase echoes in my mind, bringing to mind the old testament story of the fiery furnace..WE know God can deliver us...but if  not, we will still be faithful. 

Lord, help us to be faithful in this journey. Help our wobbly faith to grow strong. Give us the strength to wait well and praise you while we wait. Thank you for encouragement provided by friends, books, and emails.

Yesterday, I went to the email box to read a daily email from [in]courage..that just happened to be about waiting!  The picture at the top was overlaid with this phrase “We can wait with a Promise in our hearts that He is with us and for us!” Amen. “Things are happening in the waiting” Thank you Lord!

Also noticed someone posted a timeline in a Haiti adption group yesterday. I generally try to ignore them as the step we're currenly in generally takes a few months or less and we're nearing the two year mark. But I did look because we would LOVE to attend a family wedding in Michigan in late August as a family of FIVE. Well if you take the longest of time ranges listed for the next steps we could just make it if our case would clear courts on Monday and make it out of IBESR by the end of the month.

Know that the Lord is in control. Know that if He wants us to have a visa by mid-August it will happen! He's our Lord, Savior, and good Father. 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Friend's encouraging dream..

 A friend wrote today about a dream she had last night from the Lord.

"Happy Sunday. I had the COOLEST dream last night. I was in a theater... like a movie theater, and it was FULL. EVERYONE was praying out loud and ALL the prayers were for F!  It was such a blessing.    Praying for tomorrow! "

My response: "Thank you...making me tear up. Praying here too. For all of us waiting for courts. We could likely fill a theater with all the folks praying for him around the world!"

"I believe that's what I saw in my dream!  It was a BIG theater. Such a blessing. Every now and then Jesus gives me dreams that I KNOW are from him. That was one of them. I'm sure you were there.... probably on stage with Jesus!"

So blessed by all our praying friends. How wonderful to imagine all of us in one place: people who know us, who know F, or who know about our story celebrating the Lord's power that brought us together as a family.

I've been thinking recently about the Biblical widow who Elijah asked to make a small cake with her remaining flour and oil. Did trusting the Lord for provisions get easier after that first time? I'm sure she had prayed and prayed for provisions for herself and family. I'm also sure she did not have a clue how the Lord planned to answer those prayers.

Did she have days she didn't think twice about using the oil and flour or did some days the fear creep back into her mind as she wondered if it would finally be the last?

One way the Lord has already answered prayers during our long adoption journey is for faithfully supplying us with hope and supportive friends for each day. Yes, some days and weeks are easier than  others. But at the end of the day-He's faithful. He's there. He is Love.

The trouble with a drought is that one must survive to the end. It does no good to make it a day, a week or a few years if one does not last until then next harvest time or is able to leave the area.

Each day is a choice. We pray that tomorrow the court case happens and the needed paper is obtained.    If not we will continue to trust in the Lord and praise His name. Prayer is more about reminding ourselves who God is because He doesn't need a reminder about courts. He knows. He cares.

I think as well that praying is in a way prophesying. We are thanking the Lord for future acts on our behalf. For the day that He opens the door for our paperwork to advance. For the day that F can come home! For the day we can travel with F and introduce many of you in person to our youngest son.