Monday, May 7, 2018

Captian Curious arrives in America!

We packed up and moved the last of our belongs from the neighbor's house to our house on Monday.

Tuesday we traveled to Fauche to deliver Anna's cat for the summer and have a going-away party.

Wednesday we returned to COTP and spent some time with Fritzlin's last foster family. Lots of laughs and fun until the good-byes.

Thursday morning Fritzlin was not feeling well at all so we picked up some cough medicine before heading to the airport.

Fritzlin just wanted to sleep.

On the plane he did get to meet the pilot and see the cockpit.
ECHO's goats

After that he napped-turning off the movie and refusing anything to eat or drink.

Once in the Miami airport, waiting for more than an hour began, as we slowly worked our way forward through the Immigration line.

Poor Fritzlin would move from post to post so that he could rest his head on his hands.

Once we reached the front of the line we were taken to a smaller room for Immigration. I'd only enough time to give him a dose of medication before his name was called and we moved into a second room.  In a few minutes we were handed back his Haitian passport and told we could go.

Fritzlin perked up a bit as we made our way to the rental car. Once in the car he fell asleep. Not even a Wendy's Frosty could keep him awake after the first bite. His breathing was rapid and difficult.

He slept soundly all night.

The next couple days were filled with friends, family, and TON's of questions.

Starting day 5 now, and Fritzlin has enjoyed ice cream every day so far!

This week we will be at our Area Retreat with other Global Partners folks before heading to Michigan.

Thank you so very much for the prayers!

Keep them up as we bond with family and learn so much about the bigger world.

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