Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Visa Approved!!!

The picture taken for the visa...
Celebrating tonight that Fritzlin's visa to American has been approved!

We will travel to Port au Prince on Friday to pick up the visa at the US Embassy. Will let them know tomorrow so that Cory's name can be on the list to get in without a long wait on Friday.

Only one more piece of paper to go, an exit letter from IBESR that should only take a day or so..

We plan to fly out in early May to attend our Global Partner's area retreat in Florida.

Working on summer plans for after that!

Very excited to finally be at this step.

The type of visa issued means that as soon as we enter the USA we will meet with the officals and Fritzlin will be an American citizen before we leave the airport.

We will then wait to receive his Certificate of Citizenship.

Thank you for the prayers.

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