Monday, April 25, 2016

Missed deadline...but all's OK

Well for the first time in this journey I missed a deadline.

The shocking email came this morning asking for information about where we were in getting the needed documents for F's visa as yesterday's deadline passed without our requesting an extension.

I do not know how that important date did not make it onto our calendar. [Failure to get an extension means your case is closed and we would have had to start over from the start with I800.]

Very thankful to report that the needed three month extension has already been granted and is HIGHLIGHTED on our calendar!

Praise the Lord!

Praying hard that this will be the last but it's our third extension and likely not last.

Also praying it will be the last time I miss something!

No word on the last needed signature that could come 'any day'...tomorrow will make three weeks.

We know that without the many friends praying this hard wait would be even harder.

Praying for health, no vacations, no political protests or any other distractions... for the person who needs to sign yet, so that they can focus and sign the charts that need signing!

A political protest is in Cap Haitian this afternoon-praying once the papers get into lower courts in Cap that everything can move smoothly.

We did see a very cute picture of F last week holding a fluffy baby chick. Hear he's happy and that last night he said during evening prayers "And I can't wait to be with my mom and dad!" 

Know that the Lord is answering the prayers that we and F will wait well and still hold on to hope.

Praising the Lord that F' is in a Christian home and doing well while we wait.


  1. Oh, praise the Lord it's ok! I bet your hearts skipped a few beats. Is that a flamboyant blossom? So pretty! We want to plant a mimosa here for when our Haitians come home...ironic because they're usually undesirable trees here in the South. I've always loved them and think they're beautiful, though.
    Praying for y'all!

    1. Thank you Alison for the prayers. Yes, a type of flamboyant.
      I panicked a bit but then figured if they cared enough to email maybe they would still grant the extension. Our little Haitian will have lots o chances to plant trees.

  2. So it's all still in time? I kind of want to walk your papers around myself to all the people and say, "Just sign it already!!" But good thing for them, I'm not in Haiti. ;)