Thursday, May 5, 2016

We want OUT!!

Eli's sunshine yellow
One year ago today the agonizing wait for our referral continued.

Our chart entered IBESR on January 14th, 2014 therefore the wait stood at over 15 months.

Only a couple weeks remained for all four of us to be able to meet our child before we transitioned Eli to the USA for college.

One year ago today, our chart received the needed signature from the director.

One year ago the day after tomorrow, in the late afternoon we received the long awaited email and saw our first picture of F! 

One year ago, we dreamed of attending the Amplifying Missionary Summit in New York as a family of five.

Only four of us will attend.

Each time a week passes without word I try to look for a positive, but it's getting harder.

F's, miniture bougainvillea. 
Early last month we were told our chart only needed one more signature, then they would call for our chart to be picked up.

Each weekday morning brings new hope that slowly weakens throughout the day and as the week progresses without word.

Once we receive our authorization to adopt from IBESR, our case will enter lower courts in Cap Haitian.

Eli plans to visit home for a while this summer, please pray for our case to advance so that we can visit and bond with F again.

I would like to ask you to join us in praying earnestly for us to exit IBESR this month! 

Other families who met their children this year have already exited IBESR.

[A while ago Cory brought home 3 new flowers for the yard and I decided it would be my Mother's day gift. One for each child.
Bottom picture shows normal size vs. mini]

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  1. Praying for a spirit of encouragement to flood your soul today - sooooo hard to wait!