Wednesday, May 18, 2016

One year ago..

Our dearest F, as I look at the picture on our dresser of you taken a year ago today in front of the Haitian flag for Flag Day my emotions run the whole range: happy, joy, sad, frustrated, mad, hope, nostalgiac, envy, tender, scared, gratitude...

Last year we spent the morning with you, visited with the social worker who graciously came for our second interview on a holiday, and then said good-bye. 

Our hopes ran high and hard that the paperwork would finish in a timely fashion so that you could come home.

Those hopes today longer shiny new and high but battered and torn but still strong in our Lord.

We rejoiced that Eli could meet you before he transitioned to the USA for college and today he finished his freshman year. 

Now as we count down the days until we get to see him again [11] I cannot but help to wonder how many days before we will get to see you again??

Only the Lord knows if the two of you will get to spend any time together this summer during his visit home.

I looked forward to teaching you in pre-school. 

Now the school year winds down and while I'm thankful for the progress you've made and all the things we hear you learned..I long to be the one to hold you, read to you, play with you, and spend my day with you.

We continue to hope and pray. Pray and hope. We ask what else we can do...wait. 

Know we love you. Know we pray for you. Know we long to bring you home. 
Know your heavenly Father loves you and has a plan. 


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