Monday, June 5, 2017

'Miracles in motion..'

Still waiting for word about the final judgement and letter for IBESR. The count now at six weeks.

Yesterday while visiting friends we watched a sermon from the Radiant Church... on the 5th chapter of Mark, the Essential Gospel: Part 5 Miracle in Motion
After a bit I just had to jot down a few notes...

  • Many miracles do not happen all at once...
  • Delays = Divine Direction
    • invatations to trust
    • greatest oppotunies can come from interruptions
  • 'It is possible' is always accompanied with 'why bother' 
    • truth does not always equal fact
    • ignore the doubters
    • Truth..with God..All things are possible
  • 'Do not fear, only believe'
  • Hard = just a chapter in your story...not the whole story
  • No way....Yaweh! Believe it.
  • Its NOT the end
  • King has one more move...chess game is not over.
Very encouraging for us.

We did recieve good news that our expiring I-600 visa fingerprints can be 'refreshed' or updated without our having to travel for an appointment. Cory's are in process and Kris' will be soon [they couldn't find her under Thede..due to the hyphenated last name!]

Just received our 2 month update on F. He is doing well in the new foster home. Finshed up the school year and transitioning to a summer schedule. Continues to pray about the paperwork and being able to come home.

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  1. Good points in that message. Thanks for sharing, as it's so applicable in so many areas of life. Continuing to pray.