Wednesday, June 22, 2016

40 Days of Prayer for Haitian adoptions.

One of the groups I frequent on Facebook is for people involved in adopting from Haiti.

On Mondays many folks post prayer requests and then on Fridays we share praises.

Along with my daily prayers for adoptions I also pray for the Lord to reduce the need for adoptions by keeping Haitian families together and providing for their needs.

A couple of years ago during a major transition period the IBESR [children's social services office] shut down for a month to try to 'catch up'. During this time the group intentionally increased prayers and many chose one day of 40 to fast.

June 23 - August 2 will be another 40 days of intentional and intensive prayer for Haiti adoptions.

Many transition families like ours continue to wait for either referrals or exits from IBESR after their referrals and bonding trips. Some families have waited close to three years for a referral.

We've been in IBESR for almost 2.5 years.

Many of the 'pre-Haughe', I-600 visa cases will be looking at starting over as the paperwork expires.

Ours will expire on Nov. 21st unless we start moving rapidly and can get several steps done before then.

Because of long delays in waiting for referrals some of the new Hauge families who've applied for I-800 visas will also need to renew paperwork.

F continues to wait well,  but like us does not understand why we wait?

We know many of you already pray for F and our adoption daily. Thank you!!!
Would you join us in praying for Haiti's other adoptions as well?

Here's part of the post:
It seems fitting to gather together again in prayer. Let's spend the next 40 days in intentional prayer and fasting. 
Let's invite the Holy Spirit to pour over every dusty file, to brighten every page, and move in every heart and hand that is required to sign. Let's pray for the courts, the officials, the immigration officers, and every step in between. Let's lift up the birth parents and nannies and orphanage directors. Let us intercede for the life of each child who waits in an orphanage, for their health and hearts and homecoming. 
Will you pray and fast (in whatever way you can) for 1 day? Will you ask your family and friends to pray that day too?

Thank you for helping to get children to their new families. 

Director's name is Mme. Arielle Jeanty Villedrouin, the last signature needed for referrals, not sure if she is the last for exits (our stage) also.

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