Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Face Time

No news on our chart or case.

Eli's time in Haiti will reach the 1/2 way point tomorrow.

 I know that the Lord knows how much we would love to spend time together as a family of five...because I've told Him several times! But we trust that the Lord's timing and plan will be best.

Sunday morning I awoke after seeing F in a dream, only to find a message from his foster Aunt asking if we could Skype or Face Time with F.

After only seeing an occasional new picture for six months we all enjoyed seeing his face and hearing his voice. He's growing up.

He talked about school and told us about his goat, a gift from a visiting friend. He asked to see the goat house that my Dad and Eli built at Christmas time and to see his room.

We heard how he lost his tooth, about school, and we showed him Kody the cat.

We told him we loved him and how we and many people are praying for the paperwork.

We learned he did well after our talk and were able to talk to him again last Sunday. A nice Father's Day gift for Cory. F asked to see Kody again. Because he decided to play with the goat rather than nap we were able to see his sleepy side.

Waiting is hard but we have peace from the Father, can't imagine how people without faith in Him go through an unpredictable adoption process.

Very thankful for the Lord preparing us to be a family for F. Reading a recommended book about attachment and another about the effects of trauma. Interesting...and not without hope and healing.

 Please continue to pray for the process of adoptions in Haiti as well as for government stability so that the cases can progress.

Thank you to each who support us with prayers and encouragement. Your emails and comments mean a lot. Already this week we've received 3 communications of encouragement specifically about our adoption.

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