Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Additional prayers needed!!

Listening to my adoption songs of hope to help offset my frustration and remind me that the Lord remains in control. He's sovereign. He's all powerful. His plan will come in His timing. He cares for F and us. He is good. He is love. He is justice.

Instead of good news from our social worker today we learned that IBESR has not released our chart but is requesting additional information about F's parents.

We do not understand this, as any additional request for information from the family or orphanage should have come before we received our referral. The information requested is not law, not a requirement and not something our agency has been asked for in any other case. The judge doesn't even understand what is being asked for or why.

On the bright side our social worker plans on being in Haiti next week. Procedure is to go, sit, and wait to see the person or persons you need to see. We pray that anyone she needs to see will be working and have time to talk early next week.

Her flights to and from Haiti are early Tuesday morning and mid-afternoon on Friday.

We would love it if she can update us sooner than the 12th when she plans to return to work. At the least on Friday the 8th before leaving Haiti we’d love to hear that she was successful in some way/shape/form to advance our case. Details can wait until her return to work.

More and more this feels like a spiritual battle and less about being disorganized or ineffective. Other cases with our organization and the orphanage are also stuck. We know that Satan does not want children placed in Christian homes, but our God is stronger, His plan will prevail! The battle and victory will be His, along with all glory and honor.

Please pray:
  -over this trip and for our social worker [travels, health, safety].
-that Port-au-Prince stays calm politically so that the meetings can take place at IBESR
-that someone even today decides that the requested paper is NOT needed !
-she can meet with the correct people to work out the issues on her cases.
              [earlier in the week the better]
-that she can get IBESR to release our file for the courts.
-that she would find the time to update us next week so we don’t need to wait over the weekend.
-that F remains hopeful and trusting in the Lord.
-that our next steps move forward rapidly so that visa paperwork can be completed in time.

We have been allowed twice in June to talk online with F. We heard about his goat [gifted from a friend], loosing a tooth, school, and more. He asked the second time to see ‘his cat’, having been introduced the first visit. He also saw his room.

Not the family time with all five of us we’d prayed for but great to see his smiling face and hear his voice and giggles. Eli leaves for the USA on July 7th and then on to Germany on July 15th.

F’s current foster family will be visiting the USA the end of July for summer break. Changes in ‘routine’ are hard for F and we’re asking the Lord to give him peace.

40 days of more intensive prayer, with at least one person/family fasting each day.  June 23- August 5 is the time frame.

Thank you for your partnership and support of our family.
Cory, Kris, Eli, Anna, & F.

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  1. Just a note to let you know I just prayed for your adoption situation and you are on my mind this week.