Saturday, November 5, 2016

Court Date

While America focuses on the Presidential elections on Tuesday, I will be watching the clock and praying for F's family as well as for the USA.

Tuesday they should appear in court to sign the document requested in early summer that should allow our adoption paperwork to move forward.

Since day one of our adoption journey, I've prayed for the birth families. While waiting for our referral I prayed knowing they would be signing away their parenting rights for a child or children.

Now it's more personal. Now we know the name, the face, the voice of a dearly loved little boy. We know that the family visits occasionally and that he enjoys the treats they give him. We know that the possibility of visits will continue after the adoption, but they do not know.

Do they wonder if each visit will be the last time they will see him? Did they miss celebrating his 6th birthday as we did? Do they question if they are doing the right thing?  Will their feelings be mixed on Tuesday? Do doubts linger or will they sign with peace?

After waiting all summer for courts to open having a date feels like progress but does it bring their loss closer? Glad the Lord remains in control and has a plan because this is so much bigger than us.

We hear that F continues to do very well. Due to different issues, F now joins his roommate and foster family children in attending school at Cowman. Eli and Anna attended for one year back in '07-08.

Sunset over LaGonave island
Today we were able to see and talk to F on Face-time. We heard how he likes the wind when driving fast to school and about how he has lots of friends. He is learning the letters that make up his name. He enjoyed having TWO pieces of cake on his birthday but was upset when the rest of the cake spoiled.  He asked about where Eli was and to see the goat and goat house.

Thankful to finally be moving forward. But a bit stressed to be entering the 'one more signature' zone again where every work day one hopes, prays, and wonders until quiting time if it will be the day!

Lord, help us to continue to serve and worship while we wait for you to open the doors.

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