Monday, March 21, 2016

While I'm waiting..answered prayer!

Ten months ago we sat with the social worker for our second meeting during our socialization. Hopes ran high following the 15 month wait for our referral.

I would never have guessed that ten months later we would still be waiting for word that our case entered courts...sigh. More than double the average of other families.

Do not want to be facing a longer wait. Do not want to be in the middle of struggling how to get our I600 fingerprints renewed with the office in Port-au-Prince not responding to our email or phone message.

After a few months of peace or maybe indifference when I found my expectations muted and my hyper-vigilence of checking our emails frequently gone I find my hopes rising again with the spring breezes.

I know the Lord will move our chart in His timing...I also know that the next two weeks the IBESR staff has said they will be working to get referrals out to the I600 families. If these families do not get a referral by April 1st they will need to redo their paperwork for a I800 [Hauge convention] visa.

I'll admit to hoping that maybe our chart is in a pile of I600 charts and will be found [completed] and moved to the pick-up desk. 

While watching a video yesterday I found a new song of encouragement, John Waller's 'While I'm waiting'.

So while you pray for our fingerprint appointment, for our case to move from IBESR to courts would you also pray that we wait well...that we will continue to serve the Lord and worship Him wholeheartedly while we wait.

Edited to add: Just minutes after posting this we heard that we do NOT need a fingerprint appointment at the Embassy as they can resubmit our fingerprint data electronically. Praying that they know the truth and what we heard earlier about needing to have them redone was wrong. We should hear about our clearance in a couple weeks.

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