Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Delay...missing paper.

The following is from an email we sent to a group of special folks who specifically are praying for our adoption. I find it interesting that the email from our social worker came in one minute before the encouraging one from our sister-in-law. 

"When I forwarded the email about our fingerprints being sent electronically to our social worker I once again asked if there was any word on our delay

With.., this has proved to be quite frustrating but we have provided them with your I600A approval approx. 4 times within the last three months. They have told us that this is the only thing preventing you from exiting. We provide it and then they request it again several weeks or a month later saying they don’t have it. We provide proof (a photo of the doc with the person’s signature that accepted it) but they still say they don’t have it. Our man, J, as well as a... staffer has provided it to them. It’s really getting to where J just carries it with him every time he goes there, just in case they need it again.
We’re expecting any day though, unless they come up with another reason we’re still waiting.

This paperwork (I600A) was turned in as well in May and our original copy in August. Please pray that this issue is resolved today and no other problems. My sister-in-law wrote today an email how she changed up her prayers for F. An adoptive parent reminded her that Satan does not want children adopted into Christ filled homes and will fight the process. Here’s part of her e-mail

I don't know why I have dismissed this idea in the past, well I guess I do, Satan loves it when we blame things on life or the system, when it is him.  He is constantly wreaking havoc.

So I am praying that he gets out of the way, that he stops putting things in the way of the officials and hiding your paperwork.  I am praying that he stops interfering with your family, and soon to be new son.

I hope this help you and encourages you.  This week lesson has been all about strapping on the belt of truth, girding ourselves in truth.  Remember God's truths, and fight back!

Praying that the hidden paperwork is found TODAY. [Note my sister-in-law doesn’t know yet about the paper being submitted 6 times] Praying for protection on each paper and signature in our chart. Praying for protection-physical, mental, and emotional- for each person involved in the process. 

Thank you for fighting with us.  Living in Haiti where Satan’s followers will celebrate this Friday that Christ died and was defeated. We are often reminded of his power but we know that the LORD WILL Be Victorious! Our God Reigns. He’s NOT dead or defeated!

Happy Easter, 
Cory, Kris, Eli, Anna, and F"


  1. Bonswa Thedes! I have tried so many times to post a comment to your blog and it never goes through. Trying again! We work on LaGonave with the organization Hope for LaGonave. Hubby is a landscaper and I'm a teacher turned homeschooler. Anyway, our circles cross and someday we shall meet! We are awaiting our referral and have been in process 3 years. We have come under spiritual attack lately (today, again) and I KNOW that it is related to the work the Lord is doing among adoptions in Haiti. We are praying for you. Fight the good fight. Bondye se Bon!

    1. Thank you Alison for the prayers. Just heard yesterday of a family, 3 years in the process who finally received their referral-courage! Will add your family to our prayer list. If you ever travel to Northern Haiti let us know and come for a visit.