Monday, November 30, 2015

Prayfull waiting.

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving on LaGonave with the rest of the Global Partner's team on Wednesday night and then spent seven hours on Thanksgiving day traveling home.  

On Saturday, we joined some of our missionary friends in the North to celebrate Thanksgiving again. After a great meal, we listened to a message that spoke to my heart. 

John spoke of the kidnapping stories of Joseph and Squanto and how they ended up saving groups of people because of where they ended up later in life. 
How when in difficult times when we don't understand we should not ask 'why' but ask 'what next' realizing that the Lord remains in control. Roman 8:28 "And we know that in ALL things God works for the good of those who love Him, how have been called according to His purpose

He reminded us that often that while in the middle of the story things may look bleak, and we can be very discouraged and maybe feel forgotten, but the end of the story is 'what's next'. We need to trust God that He's working out the good during the middle of the story. 
I feel that progress occurred last week due to our prayers for a Thanksgiving miracle. No news or proof yet but know God's working. 

Maybe our chart received the last signature. 
Maybe we exited but our agency was closed for Thanksgiving. 
Maybe the miracle looks like us waiting well and praising Him during the wait.
Maybe F adjusted a bit to the idea of us being his family or some healing of his emotions started.
Maybe.......maybe we will not know what our prayers accomplished last week.

But we will continue to pray and praise in anticipation of celebrating each step of this adoption process.


  1. Very good! God doesn't make mistakes and his timing is always perfect. I learned that almost 50 years ago when I thought God wanted me in Africa teaching MKs, but the visa was delayed again and again. He's working in our behalf all the time. Trust Him.

  2. My heart goes out to you all from even farther away. Your desire and longing comes through strongly in your words and actions Each day I see dozens of little boys that could be F's brother so I am reminded often to pray. I pray Lord that you will continue the work in F's life that you have already started. Flood this family with your love and peace.

    Bruce Dunk at Matoke Uganda.