Friday, June 26, 2015

Visa appointment and more waiting.

Tuesday F's appointment at the USA Embassy for his visa should occur.

He will be flying to Port-au-Prince with a staff member from the crèche for the visit. Not sure if his mother or aunt will also attend.

No news yet about where our papers are concerning IBESR.

I think that after our visit the social worker needed to complete a report and that now we're waiting for 'Authorization to Adopt' [a document needing 4 signatures] and then we could exit IBESR and enter the lower courts.

 New law states this should occur 10 days after the socialization visit but...some families remain in IBESR more than one year after their socialization visit at this time.

Heard that IBESR hired 10 new people to work with the adoption paperwork. Praying that they learn their jobs well and fast.

 Last week F's foster family of two years returned to the USA and his new foster family moved into the house.
Many people are waiting to exit following their socialization visits as well as folks who continue to wait for a referral.

Also heard that the IBESR director plans to be away for the month of August.

Praying we can exit before but knowing that the Lord remains in control.

Please pray:
  • The transition to a new family in the house. 
  • The new family's adjustment to Haiti as well as to their foster children and the other staff.
  • The adjustment of his first family back to the USA.
  • F's visa appointment on June 30th and travel.
  • The charts [now ours and F's] to exit IBESR with our authorization to adopt.
  • New IBESR workers adjustment to the job.
  • Political stability with senate elections to be held in August.

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