Monday, June 8, 2015

Day Visit

Today we headed out at 7 a.m. for a day trip, to see F and deliver some plants, trees and Konsey II books.

We arrived right at 8:30 a.m. and after greeting / meeting some folks and praying with the visitor staff, three of us headed to the house while Cory remained behind a bit to tell the cook about the chaya we'd brought for lunch.

F came running down the drive once he recognized who we were, immediately asking where Mr. Cory was and could he pull the wagon for a ride.

We spent a bit over an hour with 2-3 of the kids from the house: riding in the wagon, feeding the near by goats; picking guava fruit, swimming [with Eli being requested as he pushes HIGH].

F talks excitedly about getting to ride on a plane soon to Port au Prince with "Kevin" [new foster uncle]. One of the children recently went on the trip, so he's excited to go as well.

He also talked about going to the beach and how much he liked the trip.

I took part of the time to get some pictures and video. Then we walked F along with his foster mom to pre-school.

When I, Kris tried this during our longer visit, he became upset but today thankfully a new child joined the pre-school for the first time and during this distraction, we slipped way.

Anna and Eli reconnected with some of the other missionary kids; Cory planted moringa and chaya cuttings as well as some aloe. I chatted with the foster family about their plans and transition time.

Soon it was time for lunch. Not wanting to disrupt F's normal routine, we only saw him a bit after school and afterward his family left for lunch and nap time.

We visited with some of the staff, another adopting family who received their referral the same day we did, and some short term interns.

Now it was time to go. Following our good-byes we did a bit of shopping near Cap Haitian, stopped by a friend's place in Limbée and connected with another friend.

Home. Tired after a good day.


  • F's transition to a new foster family. Thankful that the other four Haitian children in the home will remain the same as will the nannies.
  • Exit from IBESR and moving on to the lower-court stage of the Haitian adoption.
  • F's visit to the Port au Prince Embassy on June 30th.

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