Wednesday, March 7, 2018

News on Kris' fingerprints

You may remember that we started asking prayer for fingerprint renewal for F's visa back last spring in May because they were set to expire on June 29th.

We heard that Cory's fingerprints were refreshed a few months later. But they could not find mine due to my name being hyphenated.

So every month or so we've emailed our social worker...and then she would send off an email to the Embassy adoption folks asking about my prints.

Well today we received an email from the adoption unit that the reivew of F's adoption chart is done but as my fingerprints are outdated I am required to travel to the Embassy on Friday morning to be fingerprinted.

The email said ' as you know, we previously tried to refresh your fingerprints and the process failed'...well we did not know but now we do.

So we plan to head down the mountain starting around 4 a.m. on Friday morning so that I can be in the line early close to 7am. Then we will do a bit of house build shopping or if it would happen to work out, to go to an office to get an appointment for our held-up residental visa renewal for Haiti.

Thank you for the prayers. There have been some protests recently in Port so we hope that by going early we can avoid problems and major traffic issues.

They also asked for a copy of F's passport for the file.

This is being enquired about by the staff.

Thanks for the prayers. Every step we get a bit closer.


  1. It always amazes me how long this process has been for you all and the patience you must have! Glad things are moving along!

  2. We are very thankful to be nearing the end of this process.