Friday, February 16, 2018

Passport done but not picked up.

After asking a couple times this week about any passport news, as we've been waiting for seven weeks,  we heard today that Fritz's passport is done.

The lawyer who went again to ask about it and received the news could not pick it up as she did not have the original receipt.

So the one staff member who can pick it up, Ivinge, with the receipt in hand will go to try.

Once he has the passport in his possession, he will tell our social worker who will relay the information to us.

Will be very exciting to see that cute face in a passport-representing one more step toward being able to travel together as a family.

The agency tells us that sometimes when Ivinge goes to pick up passports he's turned away, being told that the requested passport is not ready.

So praying that we hear soon that the passport has been turned over to the agency.

So far no word from USCIS office about our visa. We are 1/3 done with the 'estimated 6 week processing time'.

Praying that the review is going well. So far no request for additional evidence or information.

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