Friday, August 25, 2017

Still waiting and praying.

More than a month since my last update but really nothing more to update.

F's friend, who he roomed with for over 4 years moved to the USA with her new family this week.
We are praying for L's transiton as well as for F's emotions and for him to remain hopeful.

He will be starting 1st grade the first week of September.

The Embassy adoption unit staff visited IBESR twice this week trying to get some of the 'stuck' cases like ours that most of the IBESR staff are reportedly returned from vacations.

The adoption coordinator was at the IBESR office on Wednesday to talk to the lady who needs to release our paperwork...and while she was there, she did not meet with him.

We had heard that she was on vacation for 2-4 weeks of August, but we've also heard that she was not and plans to take vaction the first part of September.

We are so thankful for the continued prayers of so many of you.

Not sure if what we feel is peace from the Lord, numbness from getting our hopes up so many times only to remain stuck, or a combination of both.

Thinking back to the 16 months we waited for our referral I remember so well how as every weekday would pass my checking e-mails would increase along with the intensity of my prayers until Friday afternoon when they would peak...intensly hopeful for good news before the staff left for the weekend.

The weekends would be a release of tension, knowing that there was no reason to check for emails.

Then on Monday morning the cycle would start over.

Been a long time since I watched the clock on Friday afternoons. Now and then we hear from our social worker but never with the news we long to hear.

Today marks 1, 319 days for our chart in IBESR.  Thank you for your continued prayers.

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