Tuesday, April 25, 2017

One small step but more prayers needed.

Due to the determination and tenuousness of staff and lawyer, court did happen yesterday but not as expected.

The required family members and staff made it to court, only to find out that the judge did not come due to illness. So they, along with a lawyer, drove to the judge's house....in the end a different judge heard the case so the family members will not need to return.

Next steps as we know them:
  • Judge who heard the case writes up the document
  • Document goes to first judge for final verdict. He writes a letter for IBESR
  • Paperwork goes to Port-au-Prince, IBESR
  • Sign off chart.
  • Exit
  • Wait 30 days!?! This one we do not like! In the past it only took a week. IBESR thinks things go 'too fast' in the north. They go fast because there is only one place doing adoptions vs. many in Port; and they have a good relationship with the northern IBESR staff and everything moves smoothly. 
  • Parquet [lower courts] and adoption decree. These need to be 30 days after IBESR exit.
Time line.. likely 2-3 weeks before paperwork in PAP. Exit ?? 30 day wait. Then a week or so. 

This would put us the end of June, at the very fastest. Looking back at our emails from last year when the new paperwork was asked for....we learned about it on June 29 'IBESR just asked for a new document.' This is the same document that should be 2-3 weeks from being returned to them, 10.5 months later.

One of the reasons was that courts shut down for  three months during the summer.

So some specific prayers:
  • First judge gets the report to the second judge rapidly.
  • Second judge recovers from illness and finishes paperwork.
  • Paperwork to travel safely and without delay to Port au Prince
  • Signature and Exit!!!! 
  • That the Lord would move IBESR to show mercy and pity in our case which will be over 2 years from our socialization visit by the time we exit. A miracle to have them decide not to require the 30 day waiting period..... I think we've more than waited enough in the last 2 years.
  • Have the adoption decree before summer.
  • Cory and my visa fingerprints will expire on June 21st. That renewal will not require travel to Port au Prince or the USA 
F is doing well in school.

P.S. Adding....received a FB comment from another family who's case was in courts last summer in the north and their decree and judgements were signed in July and August. So maybe we would not have to face a 2-3 month wait! Thank you again for the prayers.

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