Saturday, February 4, 2017

One step forward!

African Desert Rose mid May '16
While we remain unclear about what happened or did not happen in family court in November we do know that F's mom and aunt traveled to Port-au-Prince this week to meet with some special doctors.

Apparently the doctors refused to come north.

This took a lot of coordination and prayers. Our social worker called it a miracle!  Several families needed to travel together with the adoption coordinator who had to locate all the families and make sure that they all could travel and make it to the appointment at the same time.

Thank you Lord!

So as we understand the next few steps:
February 3 '17

  • Doctors report: 'should be finishing up their reports this week' [Praying that they can focus, go to work, and not get distracted by the presidential inauguration on Feb. 7th]
  • Reports travel north to the judge
  • Judge finishes up the extra paperwork that IBESR requested back late spring
  • Paperwork goes to IBESR [praying it can make our file the first time it is submitted]
  • ?? Once again we wait for signature(s) to exit
  • Exit!!!!!!!!
Praying hard we can finally get out of IBESR and that they do not come up with something else that they need.

Day 1115 in IBESR.

Early in our adoption journey I blogged it was liking putting a small boat in the river not knowing if it would get stuck or enjoy smooth sailing.

It feels like our boat got caught in a deep freeze with no movement during the last year or so. Now new hope feels like hearing the ice cracking and popping after a long, hard winter. 

Will the spring thaw come releasing our small boat to continue on its journey or will another cold wind come and silence our hopes?

The Lord knows. He sustains us. He holds us. He guides us. He loves us!


  1. So happy to hear positive, forward progress for you! Thanks to the Lord. :) We have been following your blog for a year or so. About 1.5 years into our own Haitian adoption. It's encouraging to see your trust in the Lord in such a very hard wait. Hopeful that things will continue to progress!! :)

    1. Thank you Julie. Praying for all those in the adoption process, especially those in Haiti as we know that process best. Courage!