Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Waiting for court..

A bit of news but not what we wanted to hear.

The non-court document submitted this summer 'was not sufficient' for IBESR so they did not accept it.

So we continue to wait for courts to open, likely sometime in October after the Presidential election Oct. 9th.

So what we understand needs to happen:

  1. Staff member goes to court to get them to request that the family come in to sign the needed documents
  2. Family has 12 days to appear in court to sign. [Praying everyone is healthy, understands why this is needed and shows up!]
  3.  Documents signed.
  4. Documents presented to IBESR and hopefully accepted
  5. Final signature give for us to exit IBESR
  6. Exit IBESR

The staff have tried everything they can think of but IBESR remains firm on needing the court documents. So we wait.

And pray.