Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I-600 application questions

Last week, we received an E-mail from our agency asking if we'd heard anything about our I-600 visa application.

Today marks 12 weeks since of our appointment at the Embassy.

Now being very busy we'd not thought much about this as we assumed that we would not be hearing anything until all the needed documents [15 or so] were turned in as requested.

We also have not heard anything about F's mother going to the Embassy for her appointment.

We knew we needed to ask for an extension before August 25th if not all the documents are turned in by that date and since one of the documents is the adoption decree, we plan to ask for the extension.

But the questions about having obtained a receipt started us thinking and so we sent off an e-mail inquiry? [We received two papers listing the deadline and what documents needed to be turned in, which we turned over to the crèche worker]

The US department of Immigration services does not see any papers for us about an I-600 application.

So we're left wondering....maybe the Haiti office holds all the documentation until they have 100% of the paperwork and then sends them off to the USA?

No word yet about exiting IBESR and entering the courts for our adoption.

Praying and waiting for answers.

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